The Daily Briefing

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At the end of each trading day, we record an analysis of the development of price and the structure of that development.  This analysis will give you a good assessment of whether a move should continue the next day or if there is a probability of it coming to an end.  This analysis covers multiple timeframes and includes the following:

Stock Indices (S&P, NASDAQ and Russell
Any other market or instrument we think may be an opportunity

Each analysis will include a determination of where participants have determined where “fair” and “unfair” prices are using the Market Profile™ chart.  Support and resistance areas are outlined.   Additionally, we give a probability assessment of what will occur the next day and give important areas that, if reached, are areas of good trade location. The important aspect of the service is the ability for subscribers to learn from the analysis and to be able to relate quickly to their own analysis of various instruments and markets.  Not only do we do the analysis, but we also endeavor to teach how to analyze the markets. Whether you want the analysis to give you a strategy for each day, compliment you own strategy or learn how to analyze markets, the Briefing will provide you with the necessary tools.


Investment Course


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This trade and investment course is designed to give you the ability to develop a professional approach to your trading and investing.  You will receive four separate manuals that address important aspects of building a solid business.  Included with the course, you will receive the following:

All four manuals covering all of the material you need to analyze markets with sound strategies and tactics.
At the end of each manual you will have the opportunity for an online session to discuss its content, have questions answered or discuss various questions you may have.
Six months of email support for the course.  Send a question.  We will respond in detail in a timely manner or even suggest an extra online session if necessary.
Six months access to the Daily Briefing

By the end of the investment course you should be able to accomplish the following:

Analyze markets in all timeframes using information that comes directly from the markets, using the Market Profile™ chart.
Use market internals to determine the strength or weakness of a trend.
Develop a strategy for each market you trade in the timeframe you trade or invest.
Execute tactically.
Evaluate good reward to risk opportunities.
Establish good money management principles.
Evaluate risk.
Trade management and stop placement.
Trade in multiple timeframes using different instruments.
Learn how to control your own psychology and behavior.
Develop a sound plan for success and control of your trading business.
Understand how to develop a professional trading business.

Individual Training


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There are times when individuals feel they need some specialized work in their approach to the markets.  Many times individuals have contacted us and stated they understand how to analyze the markets but seem to be having a specific problem with entries, trade management, risk analysis, or money management.  The individual training is designed to cover each person’s individual needs.All sessions are carried out online in a private conference.  Before beginning, we will have a discussion or what you anticipate your needs are and what you would like to cover.  Whether it is a better understanding of how to analyze the markets, tactical entries, trade management or building a successful business plan, we can design the exact program to get you on your way to a more successful future.

The individual program consists of approximately fifteen sessions that last anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.  In the past, if there was a need to extend slightly beyond fifteen sessions, the goal is to provide you with the information and training you need to make your trading and investing more successful.

In addition, we have provided online consulting for businesses interested in managing their own investment portfolios and those of their senior executives.  One company requested a session each week to review the markets and discuss strategies for approaching the markets in the coming week.  These sessions were provided to top executives who were actively managing their own investment portfolios and preferred to make their own investment decisions as opposed to using investment managers.

Feel free to contact us at no cost to discuss your specific individual interests and costs.



Consulting Services


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Private clients are those who have a “Managed Account” with us, or are participating in a “Private Trade and Investment Program”.

For information on a “Managed Account, contact us.

Private clients are also individuals and businesses who are current consulting clients have gone through a “mentoring” process.  This includes the following:

A study of how to analyze financial markets.
Development of a trade strategy.
Establishment of specific tactics.
Risk analysis.
Trade management.
Stop management.
Money management.
Development of a professional business plan.
Capital formation.
Control procedures.

Access to this page is restricted to current Private Clients.  For more information on a complete training program and access to proprietary information on analysis and specific trades, contact us.


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