Individual Training



Individual Training


For those who are more serious about developing a successful trade and investment program, the Individual Training is designed as a “personal” approach. After completing a short questionnaire, the training will be designed to provide the specific training needed to help you to become more successful.

Included in the training is the following:

  • 20 online sessions specifically designed to instructing to the client’s specific needs.
  • Leaning how to develop a sound strategy in approaching markets
  • Adopting successful tactical entries, along with stop management
  • Learn how to successfully manage trades to reduce risk and let profits run
  • Know were support and resistance is in multiple timeframes
  • Increase profitability through the use of the Market Profile™ graphic
  • Be able to come into each day with a sound strategy and know how to evaluate reward and risk
  • Develop a sound business approach to your trading and investing
  • Receive the Investment Course four manuals
  • Six-month subscription to The Markets in Development Daily Briefing
  • Six-month subscription to The Markets in Development Newsletter