Today, I posted a new analysis on behalf of GrowSmart Capital.  It discusses the current trend of price and the internal structure of that trend. GrowSmart has offered all of my subscribers a free two month trial. Sign up for Integrity Gems and you will also have access to stock picks and analysis. Integrity Gems free trialRead More →

In the Stock Indices the trend of price is up for sure.  However, if you look inside that trend, you see a market structure that is very weak.  This means that one of two things will happen.  Either the structure will begin to strengthen to support the price development, or price will correct due to the weak internals.  Currently, this rally is extended out over a ledge.  Additionally, as of the last three days of trading, the S&P has been tightening, suggesting a good move is coming.    The trend suggests the break will be to the upside.  If that is the case, and the market internalsRead More →

I am pleased to announce I have become a partner in GrowSmart Capital LLC.  Over the years I have been in venture capital, managed a fund and most recently as an educator working with individuals and corporations teaching them how to analyze and develop a strategy for approaching the financial markets.  My objective has been to help in the decision process and not to make the decisions on behalf of the investor/trader. As a result of the above, I realized there are those who would also like to have specific recommendations.  In this way, they can eliminate the stock screening and analysis and focus moreRead More →

I felt the analysis of the Stock Indices tonight was important to get out to my entire database.  As you will see in the Briefing, the Stock Indices are in a “pause” phase in an intermediate term timeframe.  This means, when we do get a breakout, it will be a very good move in the direction of the breakout.  I spent some time in today’s Briefing explaining the current development of price and the structure of that price.    After today’s trading and rotation up, which was expected as per last night’s Briefing, the structure did not strengthen and was very weak.  This suggests that unlessRead More →

In Monday’s Daily Briefing, I discussed the fact the Stock Indices were extremely oversold and there should be some type of rotation back up.  On Tuesday a lower low was put in on stronger Breadth, suggesting an impending move higher.  The rest of the week the Indices were in rotation, tightening and in Thursday night’s Briefing, I advised there was going to be a good move in one direction or the other.  When the S&P broke to the upside on Friday morning and held there after an hour of trading, it was obvious the breakout above 2278 was in the beginning stages.  It is importantRead More →

As discussed in last weekend’s Briefing, the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ broke out of the rotation they were in since the beginning of December.  The Russell is still lagging.  The “Area of Balance” was mature and did suggest the potential for a sharp move, which is exactly what occurred last week. After the breakout, the Indices paused due to an overbought condition.  It appears after trading on Friday the countertrend rotation discussed earlier in the week may be complete.  The overbought condition is worked off, there was not much price depreciation and it basically occurred on lower volume.  While there is still a lower probabilityRead More →

In the weekend Briefing I took some extra time to explain the current “pause” in the market and the potential implications.  Because the Stock Indices have been in rotation since the beginning of December, we have to expect a breakout in some degree of time and price.  The current area of rotation is very mature.  Therefore, the extremes of this rotation are very important support and resistance levels.  A lot of times, when a market goes into a “pause” or rotation phase, it will give an indication of which direction the breakout will come through the strengthening of the internals and elimination of inter-market divergences,Read More →

I want to make today’s Briefing available to blog subscribers.  I feel it is important to review what is occurring in the longer term structure of the current rally.  There are many structural components that suggest a countertrend move may be in the offing.  However, it is important to remember.  Those components can strengthen.  Typically that would occur around a news event but it does not preclude them from strengthening anyway.  In order for the rally to continue, we will need to see the internals strengthen to support price.  If they do not, any additional price move would be suspected as a false breakout.  I want toRead More →

The internal divergences discussed over the last week have mostly been eliminated in the short term.  While the Indices are approaching an overbought condition there are still some lingering issues with the intermediate to longer term structure of price development.  Make no mistake.  The trend is up and will continue to be up unless or until intermediate level support zones are traded through.  Also, if there is a greater degree time and price rotation down, it will likely be a “pause” that will open up a very good buying opportunity.  Longer term, the Dow Transports have still not confirmed the Industrials.  Up volume is continuingRead More →

The Stock Index internals in the past week were screaming for a short term correction.  However, price trend has been strong.  This resulted in a continuation of the rally on a weakening structure.  That is simply not sustainable.  Currently, there are also some longer term indications of the possibility of at least an intermediate term countertrend move, but before that can occur, we must a the short term move lower.  Psychologically, the market wants to see Dow 20,000.  If that occurs early in the week and the internals do not strengthen, then look for a countertrend rotation.  The internals are critical to any extension of thisRead More →