• Trade & Investment Planning

    Making your own trade and investment decisions should begin with two important points. The first is to develop a methodology that will lead to strategic planning for each market or instrument you decide on investing in. The second is to develop a well thought out business plan. This plan will give you the important aspects of planning, management and control. Both methodology and business planning are critical success ingredients. Eliminate either one and you increase your probability of failure.

  • Price Development

    In developing a methodology, understanding the development of price is critical. You must know whether the trend is up or down. Most traders and investors can identify the immediate trend but they ignore the next greater degree time frame trend. Understanding price development in multiple time frames is a critical success ingredient.

  • Trend Structure

    Understanding price development in multiple timeframes is important, but knowing whether the development is strong and strengthening or weakening will help understand whether to enter or exit a position. Knowing the structure of a market or instrument going into a support or resistance area will also help in identifying whether there will be a continuation of the trend, a pause, or a rotation back.

  • Trade Location

    If you understand where the participants in a market or instrument have found value in the past, you then know where “fair” and “unfair” prices are. This enables you to identify areas of good trade location for entries and exits. Identifying those areas in multiple timeframes can give you an indication of whether to expect a larger degree move or a potential rotation back to previously found value.

“We educate traders and investors to analyze markets and manage their own portfolios.”

Anyone who enters the financial markets, whether trader or investor, has entered one of the most competitive business arenas. Consider the fact that each time you enter or exit a market, there is someone on the other side of the transaction who thinks you’re wrong. Therefore, there are several key success ingredients to prevailing.

The first is to treat your trading and investing as a business. This means developing a sound business plan. Second, develop a methodology that gives you an edge over other participants. The methodology will allow you to enter each day with a strategy. Third, acquire important tactics. Tactics include entries, trade management, risk planning, stop management and exits.

We are dedicated to the training and education of traders and investors. If your desire is to be a full time trader, part time investor, or to become a successful analyst, you must begin with the success criteria above.

For years our analysis has helped individuals around the world. Our training has put people in positions of gaining an edge in the markets and increasing performance.