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Product Description

Joseph James Consulting, LLC performs analysis of many different markets and equities.  Currently the company provides advice to several different investment management companies, and companies interesting in managing their own investment portfolios.  Training is also provided to private companies who manage their own profit sharing plans, manage their corporate investments and in training key individuals to manage their own money.

Investment professionals who are busy working with clients and who are interested in longer term performance have found our analysis valuable to their existing business.  We can actually provide analysis for the professional firm that allows the professionals to spend more time with their clients.  Additionally, we have been instrumental in making presentations on current market conditions to groups of clients.  These presentations have enhanced the services of the investment professionals.

Corporate seminars and webinars designed specifically for your company’s specific needs are part of our expertise.  Many have found that our complete business approach to the analysis and management of money has proven valuable not just for corporate investments but to the individuals involved in the sessions as well.

If you are an individual, corporation or fund and would like more information on our consulting services available for each and pricing, click on the “Contact Us” tab and identify that you are interested in the Consulting Services.

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