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Mentoring Clients

Mentoring Clients

Daily Briefing

Daily Briefing for October 23 2012

The Daily Briefing is a recorded video analysis of the various markets covered.  Probability assessments on market moves are discussed as well as key areas in which to look for entries and exits.  Through the use of the Market Profile chart and analysis, we provide areas where the participants in a market have found value and where there are opportunities to take advantage of those value areas.  Using information that comes directly from the market, you will receive an up to date analysis on the Stock Indices, Treasuries, Precious Metals, Oil, Euro and other equity instruments we feel are getting ready to make good moves.

Subscriptions include:

  • The recorded Briefing each day.
  • The monthly long term Newsletter
  • Access to the Blog that analyzes the current environment, updates markets and provides charts.

$59 per month that automatically renews unless cancelled includes:

  • Daily Briefing
  • The Markets in Development Newsletter Monthly Analysis

Trading Course in Market Profile


$795 (After publication price will be $995)

Now available for Preorder


 This "home study" course is designed to allow you to study the principles and methods used in Auction Market Theory as depicted by the Market Profile chart.  Included will be how to develop a strategy with tactical entries and good trade management.

The course is divided into four parts.  You will receive four separate manuals that address each of the parts.  After you have completed each part you will receive an online session with Joe Mertes to ask questions, review your work and be sure you have a good understanding of the material before moving on to the next part.  You will also receive two additional private sessions to cover any material or subjects you wish.

The Markets in Development Monthly Newsletter