Joseph James Consulting is dedicated to teaching motivated traders interested in mastering tools and techniques of the trading the financial markets.


Market Delta  

We highly recommend the use of Market Delta charting system.  The Market Profile™ charts and “profile” overlays are excellent in planning strategy and tactics in approaching every electronic market.  In terms of price and quality it is unmatched.  Finally, we have found the response to questions and help to be immediate and incredible friendly.  All of our clients who have used the program have been very satisfied.

Mirus Futures  

Mirus Futures is the leading provider of commodity trading brokerage services. As the first full-service firm to launch the Zen-Fire network, Mirus has been able to revolutionize the trading experience for all their clients. By coupling Zen-Fire with the NinjaTrader platform, the ultimate trading solution was created. Serving the world-wide trading community for Mirus became that much easier. 800.496.1683

Zen Fire  

Zen-Fire provides direct access to the commodity exchanges utilizing the industry’s premier network and market data solution. The Zen-Fire network operates on a fully redundant, professionally managed infrastructure monitored around-the-clock. While other systems are unable to keep up with volatile markets and compensate by dropping price data, Zen-Fire provides unfiltered tick data. Constant research and development keep Zen-Fire on the leading edge of speed and reliability. Zen-Fire provides the ultimate connection.