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The Markets in Development Monthly Newsletter

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The Markets in Development Newsletter is a monthly publication that is issued around the first of each month.  It analyzes the current environment of various markets, and the behavior of market participants as depicted on the Market Profile™ chart.  It provides a strategic approach to trading and investing in various markets including: Stock Indices, Notes, Gold, and other various opportunities as they arise..  Using information coming directly from the market and with the assistance of market internals, a full description of the current condition of markets is explained.  Strategies for the month are outlined with specific data on trade location for trade entries.

The Newsletter is sent by email to subscribers   It provides traders and investors a strategy for approaching each of the markets covered.  Finally, trade lessons, information and review are covered periodically.  Understanding the environment of each market is critical in developing a strategic approach.

Once you understand the development of a market in the longer term, you can refine your analysis to bring it down into shorter timeframes.

$89 Per Quarter.  Automatically renews unless cancelled in advance. 

"I have been trading full time for 5 years and studying and using Auction Market Theory and Market Profile concepts for the past year.  I completed Joe Mertes's two day Webinar and I am a subscriber to his newsletter and daily blogs.   The newsletter reinforces the concepts learned in the Webinar and the daily email updates provide timely and valuable insights into intra-day market development and market internals.  He also teaches how to develop a comprehensive business and trade plan. The education Joe has provided has proven invaluable in my development as a trader." Allen

"Thanks for the updates today.  FYI, I’ve finally made the move to full time trading last week thanks in large part to the confidence I have developed as your “student”.  I have developed my own tactical entry techniques that I use in conjunction with Auction Market Theory.  I have a detailed written trade plan and realistic expectations based on 2 years in the 95% looser camp.  Thanks again for the great analysis and coaching you provide in the newsletter."   Jason 


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